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Looking after our world and everything in it

The Murchison region of Western Australia’s Mid West is rich in biodiversity. While Murchison Green Hydrogen acknowledges the urgency and importance of changing our energy production and consumption methods to achieve global decarbonisation we believe this needs to be achieved with the utmost consideration for the local natural environment.

Our strategy for minimising our environmental footprint is:

  1. Avoid – We’re taking extensive measures to avoid unnecessary environmental impact.
  2. Mitigate – We’re funding research and investing methods to reduce anticipated impact on fauna and flora.
  3. Offset – Through our programs and operations, we’ll be offsetting any impact to the environment in line with environmental guidelines.

How we are monitoring environmental impact

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Marine Environmental Studies

Our marine environmental studies will enable us to best preserve the marine life and area used by the project.

  • Benthic communities and habitats
  • Local wave climate
  • Coastal processes
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Dredging Sediment Quality
  • Underwater noise
  • Marine construction impacts modelling
  • Marine operational impacts modelling
  • Water quality impacts modelling
  • Marine environmental quality impact assessment
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Terrestrial Environmental Studies

These terrestrial environmental studies will outline how we can best utilise the land responsibly and sustainably.

  • Flora and vegetation
  • Terrestrial fauna
  • Inland water
  • Air quality
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Social surrounds
  • Landforms
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Heritage Studies

Heritage studies assist us in the design and development of the Murchison Green Hydrogen plan so that we can show respect accordingly to the heritage and cultural sites in the region.

  • Aboriginal heritage
  • European heritage (including shipwrecks)

Environmental approvals process

Murchison Green Hydrogen requested and has been granted a Public Environmental Review (PER) level assessment by the Environment Protection Authority. This is the highest level of environmental assessment and will offer local community the opportunity to provide feedback and input over a period of four weeks. Prior to submitting our environment approvals, the following high-level steps will be undertaken:

  • Baseline surveys
  • Targeted surveys
  • Constraints mapping
  • Modelling and analysis of survey data
  • Mitigation and control measures
  • Environmental impact determinations
  • Offsets

Additionally, geotechnical and engineering studies are underway to determine how we can minimise any potential environmental disruption.

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