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A shared future with green energy

Powered by onshore wind and solar, Murchison Green Hydrogen is bringing the energy transition to the Mid West region of Western Australia.

The project is located in the Murchison area of WA’s Mid West region, approximately 20km north of the coastal town of Kalbarri. Comprising of an onshore wind and solar farm, desalination plant and green hydrogen production facility, the project seeks to unlock the potential of green hydrogen as a clean energy source for global decarbonisation.

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Green Hydrogen

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Harnessing the unique advantages of Western Australia to produce green hydrogen

With current greenhouse gas emissions, global warming is expected to exceed its target maximum limit of 1.5oC within the 21st century.

Fossil fuels still make up more than 80% of the world’s energy. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are the biggest threat to climate change.

Green hydrogen and its derivatives, such as ammonia, have been identified as an alternative ‘energy of the future’ and will play a critical role in our transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Applying proven technology to produce green hydrogen using renewable wind and solar energy, MGH will provide an economical and effective energy alternative for use around the world.

Western Australia, and in particular the Murchison Region, is an ideal location for green hydrogen production due to the optimal balance of solar and wind resources and its proximity to key offtake markets.

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Project Development

The project will be subject to significant regulation that requires thorough consideration of environmental, heritage and social impacts. As part of the concept development phase, MGH will undertake a wide range of environmental, marine and heritage surveys to determine project infrastructure requirements. Information gathered during concept development will support the project’s submission to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for assessment.

An Environmental Review Document will be submitted to the EPA for assessment and public comment in 2024/25. Once all approvals are obtained, the project will proceed to Final Investment Decision (FID). Construction is expected to commence in 2026, with a total duration of approximately five years.

Green energy to power the world. Cleanly.

Green hydrogen and green ammonia provide a clean alternative to carbon-emitting fossil fuels. MGH will use solar and wind powered hydrogen production and convert it to green ammonia for transport around the world. Well-developed processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure will be used to produce this sustainable source of energy.

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The team behind Murchison Green Hydrogen

The Murchison Green Hydrogen team is based in Perth, Western Australia. The local team is dedicated to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen and its contribution to global decarbonisation.

The project is being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a global leader in renewable energy investments and benefits from CIP’s extensive experience in developing green energy infrastructure projects.

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