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We are locals at home and at heart

Murchison House Station, located in the Mid West region of Western Australia and 20 km north of Kalbarri, is one of the best locations in the world for the production of green hydrogen. With abundant wind and solar resources, coastal location, and availability of a single piece of connected land, Murchison Green Hydrogen will be able to produce green energy more efficiently, economically and sustainably.

We acknowledge the importance and centrality of the local community and the local Nanda people. With a team of local Western Australians at the helm, Murchison Green Hydrogen will ensure ongoing collaboration with community through engagement, collaboration, and investment.

The core principles of our approach to community engagement are:

  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness
  • Honesty
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Community Opportunities

We are prioritising the local community by realising opportunities across business engagement, direct employment and ongoing economic stimulation.

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Community Investment

We are implementing a Community Investment Plan to fund local initiatives and ongoing investment in the Mid West.

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Community Engagement

We are committed to engaging the local community consistently, continuously, and collaboratively to deliver best outcomes.

Benefits for the local economy

$2.8 billion expected annually into the WA economy.

$2.7 billion expected to be realised through local jobs and business opportunities within the region.

~3,600 local construction jobs.

~600 permanent local jobs during ongoing local operations.

24,300 full time jobs across Western Australia.

Local workforce training, upskilling and skills transfer support.

Work opportunities for local Nanda people.

Opportunities for future local infrastructure improvements in water and power by the WA State Government.

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