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Powered by onshore wind and solar, the Murchison Green Hydrogen project will produce green hydrogen – a new renewable energy source, capable of reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the rate of global warming.

The project is located within the Murchison area of WA’s Mid West region, approximately 20km north of the coastal town of Kalbarri. This area has been identified as one of the best locations in the world for the production of green hydrogen, due to an optimal balance of wind and solar resources, manageable cyclone risk and its proximity to key offtake markets.

Underpinned by extensive experience in renewable energy infrastructure projects, Murchison Green Hydrogen is being developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP). CIP is a global leader in renewable energy developments and acquired the project from founders Terry Kallis and Peter Sgardelis of Hydrogen Renewables Australia (HRA) in 2021. MGH will feature an onshore wind and solar farm, desalination plant and green hydrogen production facility. The green hydrogen will be converted into green ammonia for export to global markets.

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The Murchison Green Hydrogen team members are local Western Australians with extensive experience in green energy infrastructure development.

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Murchison House Station has been identified as one of the best locations for green hydrogen production due to the optimal balance of wind and solar resources, coastal location, manageable cyclone risk and a single parcel of land.

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This project will significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of the world and help to reduce the impacts of climate change by producing a green, clean, and viable alternative energy source for global use.

The project by numbers

Each year, Murchison Green Hydrogen will:

  • Have a generation capacity of up to 6 gigawatts of green energy from onshore wind and solar
  • Produce ~2 million tonnes of green ammonia
  • Reduce ~5.3 million tonnes of carbon emissions

The project will include:

  • 550 state-of-the-art wind turbines
  • Up to 10,000 hectares of solar panel arrays

The project will create:

  • ~3,600 jobs in construction
  • ~600 jobs in ongoing local operations
  • 24,300 full time jobs across green energy Australia industries

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The team behind Murchison Green Hydrogen

The Murchison Green Hydrogen team is based in Perth, Western Australia. The local team is dedicated to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen as a means of global decarbonisation.

Funded by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a world leader in green energy investments, the project is underpinned by global experience in green energy infrastructure development.

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