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Our commitment to the local community

Murchison Green Hydrogen is putting the local community front and centre of our project. During construction and ongoing operations, MGH will provide siginificant economic development opportunities and social benefits to the Mid West region. In addition to the significant local investment, the project will provide industry training opportunities, ongoing business engagement and local employment prospects.

Discover how we the local community will benefit

Working with Nanda, the Traditional Owners

We recognise that Murchison Green Hydrogen will be located on the lands of the Nanda people and acknowledge them as the Traditional Owners of the region. Over the past few years, we have been working with the Nanda people in a collaborative and positive way to ensure the utmost respect is maintained for their heritage sites and culture. We will continue to work collaboratively with Nanda under a formal Indigenous Land Use Agreement.

How we are working with the Traditional Owners

Our environment is our priority

The world faces a crisis due to rising carbon emissions and the increasing rate of global warming. Green hydrogen production offers a sustainable solution to address this climate crisis with zero carbon emissions—thanks to the use of renewable wind and solar energy. Despite the global benefits, the impact on our local environment remains a high priority. Therefore, we are taking a comprehensive approach to reducing the environmental impact of Murchison Green Hydrogen on the land and surrounding environment.

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