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How are we going green?

By using only renewable energy in the production of hydrogen, Murchison Green Hydrogen is providing a truly green energy source.

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How do Wind and Solar work?

The bright Mid West sun will be converted into electrical currents during the day through the array of solar panels.

At night, our wind turbines will be turned by the strong winds of the Murchison region. This movement will produce electricity through the connected generator.

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How do Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia work?

The wind and solar infrastructure will produce reliable green energy. This is used in green hydrogen production without emitting carbon into our atmosphere.

The green hydrogen will then be converted into green ammonia, ready for export.

The near-zero carbon emission potential

Murchison Green Hydrogen will generate all its power from onshore wind and solar located on the project site. Unlike other hydrogen production in Australia, MGH will not rely on electricity from local grids powered by fossil fuels.

This gives us energy independence in our hydrogen production.

It’s all green energy and zero carbon emitting power.

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