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Community Benefits Sharing Framework


We want the community to benefit from the project and we need the local community’s help to know how to do it.

We need local voices to tell us how we can best serve the interests and needs of the community.

What is the Community Benefits Sharing Framework?

The MGH team is developing a Community Benefits Sharing Framework (previously referred to as the Community Investment Program) over the course of 2024 to guide the project’s investment in the Mid West and local community during operation.

We will be working with community and industry representatives in the design of the program through an Advisory Group. These group members will provide meaningful contributions, local insights and diverse viewpoints to ensure the program is designed to deliver against community aspirations.

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How the community will benefit

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, MGH’s parent company, is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and recognises that its projects are capable of generating economic growth and prosperity in surrounding local communities.


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MGH’s benefits sharing programs

We are committed to establishing a Community Benefits Sharing program in conjunction with the project’s development. This program will be implemented from commencement of operations until project decommissioning.

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How you can make your voice heard

To ensure benefits are felt broadly throughout the local community, we will be taking a co-design approach with community and stakeholders.

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