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Saving a world in climate crisis

Climate is impacting our planet faster than predicted. Global warming is expected to exceed the targeted maximum of 1.5oC well before the end of the century.

Widespread, rapid, and irreversible changes are already evident within our communities and eco-systems.

Emissions from fossil fuel combustion account for over three quarters of global emissions and represents the largest contributor to global warming.

Green hydrogen and derivatives such as ammonia have been identified as an alternative energy of the future and will play a critical role in our transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Using renewable wind and solar energy in green hydrogen production, Murchison Green Hydrogen will provide an alternative clean fuel capable of reducing the worlds reliance on fossil fuels.

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Wind and Solar

Onshore wind and solar provide us with sources of power that are renewable and abundantly available in the Murchison area of the Mid West region.

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Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen has been identified as an ‘energy of the future’ produced through renewable energy with the potential for near zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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Green Ammonia

Converting green hydrogen into ammonia allows for effective export around the world. It can be used as a fuel or converted back into green hydrogen for a range of uses.

The green energy solution

As an energy source of the future, green hydrogen has the potential for near-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

While ‘grey’ hydrogen is produced using traditional fossil fuels, ‘green’ hydrogen employs renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

This results in an environmentally friendly production process with minimal-to-no CO2 emissions and represents the preferred method of energy production for the future.

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